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28 November 1984
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26-year-old Italian university student (long story involving a three-year break from uni, lol), studying to become a translator. I love reading, watching movies, listening to music; my greatest passion is translation, learning languages and learning about other countries/cultures.
my current favorite hobby, aside from the above mentioned, is watching football, specifically La Liga, and even more specifically: FC Barcelona. My favorite Barça player is Xavi Hernández, but I love all of 'em, Keita, Dani Alves, Pedrito, Leo Messi, David Villa, Iniesta, Maxwell, Ibra (cause yeah, he's still technically ours, so stfu haterz -lol) and so on. I'm 100% culé, but I hate unnecessary RM bashing (unless it's some merengue bashing Barça first, of course, then I'll just shamelessly lash out.) I love la Roja, and not because they won the WC (so yeah, I like Casillas Ramos Llorente Torres and the lot, yeah). I love being a member of ontd_football and _fcbarcelona, and I indulge myself with a good daily dose of tumblr as well.
I like slash and I enjoy reading/writing fanfiction, but I am usually good at keeping the fangurl side of me separated from the football fan ("usually" being the operative word of course). I am a great supporter of LGBT rights and proud member of (and translator over at) redcardhomophobia.
Yeah, I rant a lot apparently.