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Uhm. So I promised I'd keep this updated, yeah?
What can I say, I am so made of FAIL. XD

Anyways, on a bright note:
GOUAN - FC Barcelona 0-3

3rd goal scored by Zlataaan!!!

(Zlatan approves of this post)
Ugh. Everyone's gone and I'm home alone with Penny, who's sleeping off the heat on the tile floor. Why, oh why, does it have to be so HOT?
If the temperature rises any further, I think I'm never going to leave the house again except at night... I want so bad to hang around in my underwear, but stupid insects feed off me like I'm honey to the bees, so I *have* to keep my clothes on.
=_=''' I'll go have some water and ice now.

Aug. 19th, 2009

Happy Birthday to my little dog Penny!!!! Penelope turned 1 year old today! =DDD

My sis is in a Song of Ice and Fire frenzy, and I'm thinking it might be contagious.
I'm thinking I might have to read the books. Mmph. Before the HBO pilot comes out and a first season is produced and Martin's universe becomes a huge, popular thing.
'Cause to be honest, if I were 13 again today and someone told me to go read Harry Potter I would probably tell them to piss off. And if someone told me when I was 13 that HP would become this huge popular blockbuster franchise, I honestly don't think I would have gotten myself into it. Which is a damn shame, 'cause the books were so fucking brilliant (well, the last two were not really as good as the rest, but I'm not getting into that).

So yeah. I might read the ASoIaF books before the whole TV series thing ruins it for me.

...that said. I can't wait to see more casting spoilers!! Mr. Martin is such a damn tease!!! >X3

On a totally unrelated topic, I really think I should get off my butt and go do some research on autism and Asperger's Syndrome. It started out as mere curiosity after I read some references to it on a book I had to study for my Sign Language course... but right now I'm really eager to know more. I stood corrected so many times, on so many levels since I started to explore the subject, and the things I knew or thought I knew have been challenged in such a way that I cannot just leave the subject be.
I wish I had more time on my hands! =)

BBQ I'm comiiiing!!!

Although technically we had dinner with the whole bunch of 'em last night (in honor of my sis's birthday) I can't wait to see them all again! =DDD

Family friends are great. =)

PS. Never mind the huuuge row we ended up having yesterday, having friends around put us all in a better mood. So yay, thanks for being there an' all. =D
Happy Birthday to my "little" sister!!!!! 

Eheh, although she's taller than me and everyone thinks she's the eldest of the two... =.=''
Happy 22, my dear! =))))


So I got a 30/30. Yay. It's a big WIN. Honestly.
It's the first time in my academic career that the passion I poured into a subject pays off like this even though I barely REVIEWED the day before. I keep thinking that somehow I was lucky, but that's not really it.
So I go in, and the Deaf professor starts by asking me to describe a classroom and the people who are in it. He asks me to sign some nouns (animals, houses, means of transport); then moves on to verbs (begin, arrive, look for etc.). He then asks me some numbers (I distinctly recall a 247342 or something) and a few time indications (3pm, 16:25, etc.). Now, by the time he's finished with me I *know* I've made lots of mistakes. He's patiently pointed them out at me, and taught me how to sign them correctly.
Then as an afterthought he decides to ask me one of the freakin' STORIES. And I'm, like, O_o WTF I'm screwed. He asked me the tale of the cat who sees the fish swim happily in his glass bowl on the table... and ends up eating him. Of course I would've liked the Girl-with-the-balloon Tale better. But hey.
Then it was the Hearing professor's turn. She started off by asking me a little about Sign Language. I began with pre-historic times and was careful to stress the fact that it wasn't even considered a language yet, and that the community wasn't really a community back then, but a bunch of isolated cases of people who were treated as idiots and retarded.
She kept nodding in what seemed like boredom and suddenly stopped me (I was barely into the 15th century) and asked me another question. And then another, and then another. And then another.
E. had ASSURED me she only asked one or two questions so by the third one I already knew I'd FAILED miserably and she was just torturing me. She asked me about Sign Language, how it's morphologically described, and when I mentioned CNM (Non Manual Phonemes and Prosody) she asked me to describe them in particular. I enumerated: facial expressions, highbrow height, upper body position, etc.... I even made sure to mention IPP and COS (surprising even myself, in fact!). She asked me one more question about IPP and COS, then her eyes narrowed slightly and she announced: "Could you talk about Bellugi's research?" in what I can only describe as a challenging tone. And YES! I knew all about her research because, honestly, I found it fascinating and a touchstone of Deaf Empowerment. So I told all about her being a neurologist and using the discovery of brain lateralization to actually prove that SL is a natural language and not some make-up mime, I even went into detail about the research on people who suffered from lesions in one emisphere of the brain or the other, and the consequences on language and on SL.
At the end of my rant, she stopped me and looked at me and said: "Thirty". And I was like, WTF?
And as she signed my academic transcript book, she said in a stage whisper: "FINALLY someone who gets it, who really studies and really cares about the subject". And I was VERY happy at that moment, because THAT was exactly what I had wanted them to understand about me. That it wasn't just another exam for me. That I really poured my soul in it while I studied and that the things I learned revolutionarized many of the things I thought I knew about language, about language aquisition and about disabilities. And most of all, about SL and the Deaf Community.
So yeah, I'm ranting like a madwoman, but honestly, I feel really really really accomplished, and honestly, it hasn't happened in a LONG time. WAY too long. Let's hope I can feel the same way again soon. Like, in September. With more Spanish exams coming up.

Sign Language exam coming up... <=//

Aw gawd. I'm pissing-my-pants afraid about tomorrow's exam... *starts sweating at the mere thought*
Sure, I DID spend HOURS on that damn DVD to practise, and yeah, I started reading the books in advance and all...
But I honestly haven't done that much work lately... <=\           *guilty conscience*
Aside from how it goes, I just hope the Profs'll SEE that I actually care about the subject, that even if I lack considerably in the Sign Language department, I really took to heart the Deaf Community's struggles and I hope that one day I'll really be able to make a connection with them.
Gosh, I shuld really go review a little now...
...aaargh! <=//

Went out for lunch with my two best friends (A. & G.) and I had a *blast*! My sis was there, too, which made it all the more fun.  G's sis could not come 'cause she's still in T. studying. We went to a "Japanese" restaurant, but as the food was more like a jumble of Western products, and the waiters and cooks all spoke Chinese, I guess it was Japanese in name only... XD Anyways, the food was nice and the company enjoyable, so it was all good. =D
I actually ate so much I'll be living on water only for the rest of the week. So how could the other three still have room for ICE-CREAM after lunch? I swear they have the most energetic metabolism ever... either that, or mine *sucks* XD.
But still... miso soup! Yum. =3

A. finally got a job, a one-year project thingy, in T., which is extremely good news. To counter the horrible time her sis is going through. =( But anyway.  And G. is doing a job interview in M. on Wednesday, so I'll be cheering her on and keeping my fingers crossed for her the whole week.

I'm reviewing European history. As in the History of Europe (with particular focus on UK history) -- I started from the IV century and the last chapter I did was the XIV century and the Black Death. o__O''' Not a very fun chapter. XD
I'm still a little behind though, which is Not. Good.

Penny is more adorable with every day that goes by. I swear that dog was made for *us*. Period. =°D
I'm feeling kinda good today. I mean, I have this *kickass* exam coming up that I must _NOT_ screw up but most certainly will...

Latest John Connolly book is out!  *MUST* have it. Soon. As soon as my summer session at the uni is over, I'm gonna order it right away!!!
"The Lovers"... such a suggestive title!

I'm in such a good mood today despite everything that's going on around me, because I had the most inetersting night last night.
So my sister invited me to go out with The Guys, meaning the guys from the acting class she's taking, and surprise surprise, I said I'd go.
Aand we had LOTS of fun. We went to see some kids' street performance, they were from New York and came all the way to Italy with the Evangelical Church to perform their love for  Jesus Christ (or something along those lines). The mimes, well they were kind of suggestive, and the choice of music definitely kicked ass, but the themes... O_O Man, I don't think I can even picture myself believing what those guys believe in.
But anyway, my sis and The Guys were very quick to make friends with them, which was cool and made them feel welcome here in Italy, so instead of starting another one of those never-ending arguments about theology and religion and belief we just invited them out for  ice-cream, had a good chat, exchanged ideas about acting and theater in general, and then parted in very good terms.

And then we all came back to our place, Cami split open the biggest watermelon I'd ever seen, and we chatted the rest of the evening away, just me, my sis and The Guys... I think it was 1am when they left, and man I had so much fun! It's always nice to look at them, I mean, just the way they interact with one another, it's beautiful. Only, last night instead of being an outsider in their little comfy group, I was actually able to take part in the conversations and the joking and the laughing... and I hadn't felt so good in a long time.
My sister has this whole world around her that I find fascinating --and sometimes a little intimidating -- and it was good to know I am welcomed there, too.

So there.



Ayyy, estoy cruzando los dedos... Yep, keeping my fingers crossed 'cause I did this exam yesterday and have NO idea whether I actually passed it... =_='''
Español has kind of become the bane of my existence. I really wanna be good at it, but at the same time I feel like every hour spent studying it is tearing me away from English. Or something. I really need to get a life.
But anyway, about the exam... I knew it was a looong shot, but I did follow classes so maybe I thought I might come out on top and maybe even do okay. Guess we'll see in to weeks' time then. =_=
I didn't even tell my dad I was gonna go for it, so that even if I don't pass, he'll never know. =( I feel kinda guilty about it really, but whatever.
Now I'm gonna go study for that other exam coming up next Tuesday. I am sooo not in the mood. =/